Today’s is all about “letting go”.

It is letting go of the small things: thoughts, emotions, ideas, and considerations that often creep into our lives and thoughts throughout the day. Each one, by itself, is very small in the larger landscape of our attention. But when you add them all together, they become larger than they seem, and begin to weigh us down.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to release all of the daily weight we tend to carry with us: grounding. And, as you may soon learn, you may get to laugh at the discovery that the majority of what you carry is not yours.

Grounding is a technique which many spiritual practices teach. It allows you to reconnect with the source of your physical support: our mother planet. Grounding is both stabilizing, in that it helps you to remain connected with your spirit, and cleansing, in that it helps you to release any foreign energies that may have become attached to your own personal space.

For this to make any sense, you may have to open yourself to consider these ideas:

Everything around us is energy. All that is matter, thoughts, ideas, and emotions, are actually forms of energy at different vibrational states. Hence, our own ideas, emotions, and bodies, are also energy. Fundamentally, beyond the apparent perceptions of “reality” as given by our physical senses, our foundational existence is based on energy.

Most people do not experience energy because they have become accustomed to the signals of their daily experience as given through the coarser filters of their body, and of the belief systems they unconsciously participate in. Many of these belief systems openly declare that spirit and energy do not exist, or, if they do exist, they are outside of our purview, a realm that is distant and unreachable by most people.

Unfortunately, this is an incorrect view of the world. Fortunately, it is easy to change if you feel open to the possibility of allowing yourself to play with something new. Just how easy and simple this is may surprise you.

And finally, to experience grounding, you are going to have to reach back to that very basic idea of “play” and “discovery”, and allow yourself to exercise your imagination.

How To Ground

For this exercise, please find a comfortable chair in a quiet spot, where you will not be disturbed for 5 to 10 minutes.

1. Give yourself a deep breath.

2. Sit comfortably in your chair with your feet firmly on the floor, your back upright, and your hands on your legs. Make sure your hands are not touching. Close your eyes.

3. In your imagination, pay attention to a spot in your body that is about 1/2″ above the tip of your tailbone. Use your imagination to picture it as a spot of light, about the size of a large quarter. This is your first chakra. Its domain includes your physical wellness, the integrity and health of your body, and your right to be/exist on this planet.

4. Now imagine that you can see the center of this planet. What does it look like to you? Is it darkness and rock? Fiery hot magma? Loving light and water? Maybe green lush vegetation? Any way you choose to see it will be fine. Use what feels comfortable for you.

5. Now imagine a very long cord. Tie one end of this cord to your first chakra. One or two firm knots will be just fine. The other end of this cord is tied to a large anchor. In your imagination, go ahead and drop the anchor to the center of the planet. The cord can stretch to whatever distance you need it to go. As it reaches the center of the planet, it firmly grabs ahold of it as anchors do.

6. Now allow this cord to act as a conduit. Declare in your thoughts that any energies that are not yours will simple fall down the cord and be taken to mother earth for recycling. Our planet, in her wonderful and miraculous awareness, will transform all those things back into neutral loving energy and return it to their owners. All you get to do is let go.

7. Notice how this makes you feel. You may experience sensations in the body. Perhaps emotions may arise, or settle down. Or perhaps it simply gets very quiet as your thoughts stop their chatter.

8. After about 5 to 10 minutes, come on out of your grounding, open your eyes, do a light stretch, give yourself a deep breath, and notice how you feel.

And that’s it. You have learned how to ground.


It has been my experience that sometimes the use of the image of an actual cord does not work for everyone’s imagination. If you find this is the case for you, you can use anything your heart desires. You may imagine a waterfall, grains of sand (like an hourglass), a column of light, falling leaves, a column of butterflies, a long and solid redwood tree with deep roots into the planet, a chain of laughing monkeys, etc. You can use any image you like for your grounding cord, as long as it feels comfortable to you and helps you to let go.

Grounding is a clairvoyant’s first and most important tool. This is because almost everyone believes that such things as spiritual experiences and clairvoyance or mediumship are not real. But if you remember that these ideas are merely energy, you begin to clear out such thoughts from your personal space, freeing up your natural sight.

Practicing grounding on a daily basis will help you to settle your mind and emotions to your personal neutral and natural state, which usually is calm and peaceful. As you ground, any foreign energies that enter your space will simply be drawn to your grounding cord and whisked away to the center of the planet.

Grounding can help you to remain objective in emotionally charged situations, as the pull of strong feelings is drawn away through your grounding cord. It will help to keep you settled in traumatic situations as well, when everyone else’s fear and worry energy is in the air around you. And it can help you to release and relax after a stressful day at work, or through difficult situations anywhere. All you need to do is imagine your grounding cord between your first chakra and the center of the planet, and remember that you are letting go of any energies that do not belong to you.

And that’s it for today’s lesson.

Have fun grounding!

The World is Alive

It has been quite a while since I last wrote. I have begun to emerge from a period of “shadow” that is required of all human spirits for their personal spiritual experience with their own darkness. I have changed, grown, learned. I feel as if I am beginning to emerge from a cocoon. I shall allow myself to be pleasantly surprised at what emerges. But right now it seems that things are lightening up enough that I can approach this chronicle again.

So I shall.

This tale happened about seven years ago.

I was learning to become more present to my spiritual senses, and as I had recently finished reading yet another one of Seth’s books, I was exploring the idea that all things are composed of consciousness and hence all things are alive and aware. That’s ALL things, including the rocks, the air, plants, everything.

I had recently learned the process of acknowledging spirit, and it was full of miracles and wonderful surprises.

One of these surprises thus happened one mid-afternoon as I was taking a leisurely stroll through my neighborhood, and these considerations were at the forefront of my attention. I was learning to look at things in a different way. I would say to myself: “that fence there is composed of aware and conscious particles, because everything is spirit being something”. I would then look at a piece of discarded plastic, and do the same. And so on. I would deliberately include things that seemed as far removed as possible from what we tend to think of as “alive”. I included the pavement, dirt, sand, waste oil, tires, metal, you name it.

The more I considered these thoughts, the more natural it became to see the world as one living organism, created by spirit, in service to all of us human spirits for the purpose of allowing us to have our lessons on this earthly plane. And the more I thought about it, the more it amazed me that such a complex and dynamic mechanism had been created just for us. It would invoke in me a deep sense of humility and expansive gratitude.

So it was out of these thoughts that this idea fell into place as I was approaching a tree:

“Everything is alive, aware, and conscious. The stones, the birds, the sky, the water, the earth. So, if everything is spirit, and I can acknowledge spirit, then it follows that I can acknowledge this tree.”

So, I stopped, looked at the tree, and said “hello” to it.

What happened next was beyond my wildest expectations. I witnessed the spirit of the tree come alive before my eyes. It stretched, as if coming out of a great sleep, creaking and groaning like old wood, and then turned around slowly to look at me. I suddenly became aware of its attention on me, much you like feel when someone is peering at you. It was aware of me, as I was aware of it. But it didn’t say anything. It simply acknowledged me back, and observed me with a calm patience that I had never before witnessed in anything or anyone. It was a silent intelligence, keenly sharp, yet shaped and focused into the awareness of its essential nature: it was the spirit of a tree. The tree and I were saying “hello” to each other.

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded, experiencing the attention of the tree I had said “hello” to. I have to admit, in my naiveté, I felt a little shy standing in the presence of such magnificence. I felt I had intruded into the life of something I did not understand, nor had fully learned to appreciate yet, as if I had walked into the workshop of a genius, finding her deep at work on something beyond my comprehension. I felt that in my curiosity, in my desire to explore, I had rudely interrupted upon its privacy, specially since I was at a total loss for words that moment. I felt small and apologetic. I laugh about it now, years later, but back then that’s how I felt and what my thoughts were.

It took me a little while to recover my composure. I started to realize I had no idea how to actually communicate with the tree. It was early in my clairvoyant education, and I had not yet become comfortable with my Knowing, which now allows me to understand almost everything.

As I returned from my surprised stupor, the mixed reaction of wild awe and improper interruption turned into amazement. I began to realize what I had done, and the significance that it was taking for me: I had spoken to a tree. How often does one get to do that?! I laughed out of the sheer amazement and miracle of it all as it began to dawn on me! The world around me would never be the same. It was not just a theoretical idea anymore. It wasn’t something to wax philosophical about at coffee shops, or discuss in bohemian circles. This was  now a confirmed reality for me. And it has completely changed my perception of the world.

On occasion I reflect on native american wisdom, and their experience with the peaceful gentleness of what the western man calls the “wilderness”. For many native Americans it was anything but wild. For them, it was a tame land, giving, generous, and welcoming to all its children. After this experience, I can honestly say I understood what they were talking about. It is unfortunate that such wisdom and insight has been “out of fashion” for such a long time. But if what I experienced is an indication of things to come, I can honestly say I have faith in the return of the divine, and the appreciation of the nature of all living things around us.

Now, several years later, I have struck up conversations with flowers, bushes, and palm trees, and enjoyed the most amazing encounters and revelations. I was even able to speak to the elemental guardian of a large palm frond. We know these in our colloquial parlance as faeries. But that is a story for another time.

My appreciation of the living nature of all things is now a fact of life for me. So much so that I often forget how much I take it for granted that I can just speak to all things and be aware of them at this level of understanding. It makes for interesting walks at times.

So… should you ever wonder why you are here, or feel lonely, out of touch with life or people, remember that all the world is here just for you.

We are loved, supported, and appreciated beyond anything we dare to imagine.

And when I remember that, it fills my heart with unspeakable joy and gratitude.

Spirit and Intellect

When my journey first started, I was driven to know more, to learn, to explore, to master. Part of this journey took me to the writings of Jane Roberts and Seth.

Jane Roberts (1929 – 1984) was a medium. She was a good one, although she did not quite understand how she was doing it. Through experimentation and practice she was able to bring forth “Seth”, a very intellectual being, who declared himself a teacher. He would talk about matters of the world, the laws of reality, and was one of the first “people” to coin the phrase “You create your own reality”.

Seth’s teachings were quite instructive to me. They came at a time when I thirsted for more understanding of the world, and I was growing quite accomplished in my clairvoyant and healing practice. He explores many ideas, which, in the light of their time, may have sounded pretty far-fetched. However, doing my own exploration I have found that much of his material is quite accurate. I have not explored all that he expounded on, but a few things do come to mind, as I remember them here.

Seth mentions that all matter is made up of tiny individual units of energy and consciousness. Far beyond the sub-atomic level, all such units are aware and living, made up of the essence of spirit and divinity. One of the interesting facets of “reality” is the fact that all these “units” are in constant vibratory motion, moving between universes on a constant basis, coming in and out of our universe. Our perception of their motion is so poor, or their motion is so swift, that the instant in which they leave our reality, the world and all reality, as we know it, vanishes. However, the moment they return, reality is recreated completely anew, and takes the shape we all know and remember. It does this constantly, consistently, and in accord with our beliefs and ideas. If you can imagine that each of us, individually, and collectively, dismiss and re-create the universe on a constant basis, then you can understand just how powerful we are as divine co-creators with All-That-Is.

In many of the channeled books by Jane Roberts, Seth explains many practices to awaken your spiritual senses, and your ability to “see” in spirit. But most of all, he explains how to move in spirit and own your dual physical and spiritual/energetic reality, which is complete natural for a human being. To deny it is the problem of contemporary thinking, poor education, and outright ignorance, and causes untold mental and physical duress and dysfunction.

Seth explains how primitive man, and even recent man, when not constrained by the yoke of a rigid mental system, is able to explore his or her own reality, and create it to their will, by allowing their spirit to move freely in its own domain. He discourses on the nature of dreams, and how they serve us as a play ground in which to naturally explore many of the questions and lessons before us as we develop into full-fledged spiritual creatures, fully aware of our nature.

And most of all, he encourages us to play fully in the natural joy of who we are, and not to feel required to follow the dictates of our current society’s understanding of our physical and mental functions. They are far more expansive than our limited understanding can fathom.

Personally, I would recommend Jane Robert’s book, “Seth Speaks”, to anyone who is looking to obtain greater understanding into the realm of “reality”, and what it is composed of, from a more “technical” perspective, as well as from the unique perspective of Seth, as a living energy being, and from his experiences in his human lives, and his non-physical point of observation.

But as a part of this journal, I do have an experience to share that directly involves Seth.

This happened in 2009, late summer.

Having become quite familiar with communicating in spirit, my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and knowing, had developed to a fine point and were quite clear. As I was reading through Jane Roberts’ materials, I wondered what her experience was like. And then it hit me: there is no “time or distance” in spirit. My previous experiences, having read souls who lived in other times and places, and based on Seth’s own teachings about the nature of time and three-dimensional reality, it dawned on me that “I” could talk directly to him, instead of just reading about him.

So I did.

I remember sitting in the living room, and, with the idea of Seth in mind, I went into trance and called out to him. He appeared to me as an energy presence, evidently aware of me, and coming to answer the call. I was not able to see him as clearly as I would have liked. My personal energy field was still quite polluted at that time, but the fact that he was present was indisputable.

I was actually surprised at the ease with which I was able to communicate and request his presence. I thanked him for coming to visit, and asked him if he could teach me something that would benefit me, something which I had never seen before.

And so he began to show me how to do a healing in my own space. I usually do healings through energy sensitivity and observation of blocks and mental energy images. However, the healing he showed me was different, quite remarkable and effective.

He began by showing me an image of myself, as I sat on the couch in the living room. It was from an energetic perspective, and I saw my body as a field of light, sitting in a traditional merkaba structure. Contained within my body, and spread throughout it in a dense pattern, were a vast number of small black spots. Each one was a small dot of “pollution” that obscured the light that was my spiritual body, but evidently present to my physical body. I recognized these as “pictures”, small remnants of memories charged with emotional energy that carried a negative charge. As is part of my current training, I proceeded to begin to “pop” a few of them, and made a little progress with two or three. I made them disappear by wishing them gone, but I quickly realized I was looking at hundreds, it not thousands, of them, and it was going to take me quite a while to get to all of them.

This is where Seth came in. He opened the merkaba up, as if hinged on one side, and grabbed what looked like half of them, leading them outside of the merkaba’s boundaries. With a single act of will, he had me dismiss them. The process took about 20 minutes to complete, from beginning to end, and left me with a feeling of surprise and amazement. Indeed he had shown me something I had never seen before.

I can’t say that I felt great relief or a sudden feeling of expansion when these pictures were removed. They must have been sitting far in my unconsciousness. But it amazed me that I had been given a healing, and a lesson on how to perform such a healing, that I had never observed before. And from a teacher who was not in a body. I felt honored and grateful for his instruction, and as the lesson came to an end, I thanked him profusely and said my good-byes to him. I was smiling at just how amazing spirit can be, and how All-That-Is is always supporting us in our endeavors to create and grow.

So, for those of you who desire to learn from a teacher who is “out of the body”, and is still teaching strong through the impact of his words on the people who read his books, I recommend Jane Roberts “The Seth Material”, as it is commonly known. It has the potential to shake the foundations of your understanding of reality, your purpose in this world, and your concepts of mind, body, and spirit.

I would add his teachings to the basic human curriculum, perhaps a good addition to the instruction manual on “how to be human”.

Nature Truly Is A Teacher

This is one of those instances where I have only witnessed this just once in my life. It was a special occasion.

A few years back, when I was a student of intuitive meditation, I was exploring within myself the idea of a fear of spiders. I had no understanding why such things would give me such a creepy feeling, almost a panic, especially if a spider happened to be on my skin. I have had friends who would easily pick them up and have them crawl on their hands, and watch with amusement how the spider would move about their fingers, finding a footing and looking for a way to go.

Clearly there was something going on with me and my experience.

I did a lot of meditating back then, and used all the tools available to me to discover what that fear was about. One of the things I discovered was that I had a past life in which I died by the “effect” of spiders on me.

I remember the moment of that life clearly: I was a young african man, many, many years ago, and lived in a village. I was treated with cruelty, and was imprisoned. Part of the punishment was to be thrown into a dark cave, and sealed inside it with a heavy slab of rock.

I remember the person I was then felt terrified. I could not escape, and had every reason to believe it would be my death. However, I was not quite prepared for the surprise this vision would reveal to me: the cave was filled with tarantulas, all of them larger than a grown man’s extended hand, and crawling over the walls, along the vines and roots that grew through the ceiling from nearby trees. I remember the vision showed me panicking, and screaming for my life. Then the rest went black in my vision, and I must surmise that I did not survive the encounter. It must have been such a psychological shock that it would haunt me still to my current life, leaving a strong impression of a memory of death.

Needless to say, I was a bit shaken up by that, but it became clear why I had such fear. While it was of some help in making me appreciate spiders, and not see them with immediate judgement any further, it did not have the immediate healing effect I was hoping to experience. It looked like I had more work to do to overcome that trauma.

So it was that on a bright Sunday afternoon I found myself sitting at a lonely park near my apartment. The park did not see much maintenance. Its benches were dirty and its walkways overgrown. But it was a park and I was determined to enjoy it. I found myself a bench where I could sit and relax. But as I examined it with closer scrutiny, I discovered that quite a number of spiders had called this wooden structure a home, counting by the heavy webbing that was prevalent everywhere. I felt frustrated, because I remembered feeling uneasy as I sat there, fearing a spider would crawl up my back or arm and surprise me with a great fright. (Which has happened before.)

I stood and walked about, searching for other benches for me to sit, but all of them were in an equal or worse state of “arachnid disrepair”. It was then that I remembered that I wanted to try to change my point of view around spiders. I found a fallen branch and cleaned one of the benches as best as I could, allowing me to do meditate on this idea for a while. But the thought continued to intrude and disturb me.

It was with some distaste that I gave up attempting to meditate in the park, and stood up with the intention to walk home and meditate there. As I walked out and by a nearby tree, I remember a spider’s web, reflecting the light of the sun, caught my attention. I stopped and decided to lean in, to watch the spider that was busily moving along its favored environment. It was web-spinner, not a jumper. I felt safe, watching it… from a distance. Suddenly, I experienced the familiar fear of coming too close to a spider, and I felt frustrated by it. In that moment of upset, I remember deciding that I needed to know more about spiders, because surely, like all creatures in this world, I was one with it and it was one with me, as all living things are one. I was determined to leave the judgement behind.

So, not knowing how to go about this task, I simply looked at the spider and spoke out loud to it: “show me something I’ve never seen before”. Imagine my surprise as I watched the spider crawl along its web to a heavy strand attached from the bark of the tree to a closely branch. The length of strand must have been about a foot long, and while it crossed the distance horizontally, it had a slight upwards angle from where the spider was to the other end. The spider hung upside down from it, holding on to it with two legs, one in front and one behind. And then it proceeded to slide upwards along the web strand, without moving a single leg and at a speed that seemed as if though it had been catapulted right across the distance.

I was stunned. I continued to stare at the spider as it moved merrily along its way on the branch. But I had also seen enough. I laughed and thanked the spider for its gift to me, by showing me how a creature like that could move magically, defying gravity with a natural grace. Never had I seen any spider do such a thing, nor did I ever know that spiders could move in such a way as to seem practically gliding on their webs while moving “upwards”.

I stepped away from the tree and reflected. Smiling to myself I remembered how I had indeed asked it to show me something “I’d never seen before”. And I marveled at how quickly and easily such a request had been answered.

As I walked away, I thanked the universe and mother nature for showing me how a spider, something I unjustly feared and condemned, shared with the rest of the world a sense of magic and wonder, capable of creating its own miracles. I understood I had witnessed a fun little trick that spiders can do, but do not often demonstrate to others. I felt like nature had given me a little wink and patted me on the back while sending me home to think about this lesson.

I remember that occasion with delight. It was an amazing experience, something truly magical, in my eyes, a surprise gift in such a small package.

I now see spiders with much greater respect, and even talk to them when I encounter them in my apartment. I still work on my fear of them, and it can be quite strong at times, but instead of just killing them, I now aim to capture them and carry them outside where they can have a chance to find a better place… other than my apartment.

It may not be a complete healing, but it was a step in the right direction for me. It looks like I still have a lot of work to do on that one.

My First Experiences

Several years ago I registered into what I now call an “intuitive meditation” school. I didn’t know anyone, I felt a bit scared, but I also felt so much excitement that I remember stumbling through my words as I introduced myself to the director. I didn’t know it was the moment that would change my life in such a magnificent way.

Only three months before that I remember feeling like something in my life was amiss. I didn’t know what that “something” was. I only knew that I felt something within me was exploding. On a fateful Wednesday my head was spinning and my thoughts were racing. I fell into bed, and screamed in my head “What the @*#! is going on?”

That honest and driven question is what brought to my awareness opportunities that I didn’t know existed. Without that “question”, the “answer” would not have appeared.

A friend of my significant other was a practicing medium. We used to talk on occasions about things like “spirit” and “magick” (with a “k”). He was already clairvoyant and was able to “see” a lot of things within me. He was the first person who pointed me to my “alma mater” school. Based on his suggestion, I looked up the school online, and learned about their curriculum. Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyant school, Hands-On, Trance Medium. All names that at the time had no clear meaning to me.

I remember taking my first steps in the very first meditation class I took. I was identified as an “out of hand” healer (someone who heals without awareness). I, of course, had no idea then what that meant. I only knew they thought it was a great thing. That very first day I remember sitting on my chair, slightly petrified, surrounded by people I didn’t know.

And then I learned how to ground.

With the ability to release I took my first taste of what it meant to “feel” energy. Over the next several weeks I learned to be “present and aware” of just what that “energy” was. Grounding changed my understanding of reality, because for the first time I realized just how much “stuff” was stuck inside me. As I grounded, my body relaxed, my mind calmed down, my nervousness subsided. I was able to clearly notice how the “atmosphere immediately surrounding me” changed. I was able to feel myself elevated, lighter. Grounding felt like a blissful moment of delightful ease.

Over the ensuing months, I experienced and learned many things. But nothing prepared me for the amazing phenomenon of Clairvoyance. I remember playing an exercise during my second class. My teacher wanted us to look at our own auras, specifically the seventh layer. I didn’t think I was “advanced” enough to do such a thing and I naturally resisted, feeling nervous and believing I would “do it wrong”. But after some prodding I finally relented and attempted to “look”. I did as I was instructed.

I remember closing my eyes and seeing mostly “black”, which I thought back then meant “nothing”. But then it came to my presence, almost as if I was looking through a haze into a field of visual perception that didn’t feel like it was “sight”. Before me was a sphere, mostly dark, with a halo of light that resembled the sun’s corona. Like a sunrise in space. It flashed before my “sight” only for a moment, one fraction of a second. And with that “flash” I had seen all of it. It is still clear in my mind, as I write this.

I felt quite surprised, perhaps a bit unsettled, because I had no expectation of what this was, nor was I aiming to establish my “clairvoyance” in any way. I thought at first that I would learn how to “meditate”, “clear my mind” and “settle my thoughts”. What I discovered was so, so much more. And I feel blessed for having gone through the training.

I learned so many things once I was able to “distinguish” the subtle sensations of “energy”. I learned how to feel other people’s auras. I learned how to “move” energy, drawing in light and loving vibrations, and releasing harsher energies back to our mother planet. I also learned to move it away from others, thereby helping them to clear their own “space” and providing a healing through it.

One of the most thrilling things I learned was to become aware of conscious energies and living beings who do not have a body. I learned to be aware of spirit guides and angels. And I learned how to perform healings in cooperation with them, respectfully, and with their guidance.

As you may imagine, I was immediately hooked. I raced through the first meditation classes, through the beginning healing classes, and even started my clairvoyant training before finishing the final beginner’s healing class.

Learning how to notice energies and observe through clairvoyance opened up a world which I didn’t consciously knew existed, but which I suspected was there. And now I take it for granted, something that is part of the day, like waking up and saying hello to the rising sun. As I walk through the streets, meeting people and visiting places, I notice the energies of each location, and the thoughts and emotions of the people around me. If present, I also notice the conscious emanations of out-of-body energies around me. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not.

To be aware of things that happen “beneath the surface of the world” has been a blessing in so many ways. Because as I have worked through my studies in meditation, I have also witnessed the presence of angels. And where there are angels, there is the Divine.

We are not alone. We never have been. We are in the hands of ever-loving guides, supported by angels, watched over by “volunteer” masters, and are always seen with unconditional love by the creator of it all.

And knowing that fills my heart and mind with awe-inspiring amazement and gratitude.

And I owe all of that to my first experiences.

I am forever grateful to my school, and to its director, and all my fellow co-students, for making these teachings available.

Thank you.


If You Want To Know More

The school I attended is called “True Insight”. You can find them here:

This school is located in the city of El Segundo, in the larger metropolitan area of Los Angeles, CA.

If you live elsewhere and are looking for similar instruction, look for any meditation school whose teachers follow Lewis Bostwick’s psychic curriculum. All such schools will teach the same methods and ideas.

A Primer

So… clairvoyance…

What exactly do I mean with that?

I figured I ought to at least show you what “I” mean when I talk about clairvoyance before I begin. This way you will be able to understand me better.


The first idea to introduce is the idea that we are all divine beings, made of energy, having awareness, and the ability to create. We take a human form because in it we can learn to experience the fruits of our own creation, as well as the ebb and flow of our own thoughts and emotions. It is through this form that we learn our spiritual lessons and progress in our own learning, in this global curriculum we call “life”.

So, having said that, when I talk about “clairvoyance” I use this term to describe and include all the senses that are inherent in our human spirit. There are many more than the ones below, but I will begin with the basic ones.

The Most Commonly Known Intuitive Senses

By far the most common one many people like to attribute to psychics is “clairvoyance”. More specifically, clairvoyance means to “see clearly”, and it is your spirit’s natural ability to “see”. This is indeed a “visual” sense. This is what “visions” is all about.

I use this word to describe the ability to sense “emotions” in spirit. While in your own body it often takes on the expression of “feeling” other people’s feelings and energies. Many psychic empaths have this ability well developed, although sometimes unmanaged. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a place, or around people, chances are you are picking up on emotional or energetic undertones present in the group or place. A large group of people coming together with similar intentions can leave a strong emotional or mental impressions around them.

This is your spirit’s natural ability to “hear”. It is an auditory sense. You can communicate with other spirits, who, if they are not in a body, are likely vibrating at a much higher rate than the densities of the human body allow. If you tend to hear things like “voices”, or even sometimes ringing in your ears, chances are you’re not crazy. It’s just your natural clairaudient ability expressing itself.

Unfortunately, many people diagnosed with mental illness are quite often unrecognized clairaudient psychics.

This is your spirit’s ability to “know”. This is not so much a “sense”, as an opening of a “channel”. When seeking answers, information becomes readily available to you, freely, and it is simply present for you to become aware of. It works by connecting to your higher spiritual self, and through that channel reaching the information that is already available to all in spirit, and then bringing it back down to the level of human awareness.

My instructors liked to call it your “Knowing”. Often times when you think you remember, you are actually accessing your “knowing”. Whenever you feel you don’t know something, and the next moment you do, that’s what “knowing” feels like. It’s just there.

One Special Ability

Mediumship is not a “sense”, but I am including it here because it is an important aspect of what makes up many of our psychic experiences. Mediumship is the inherent human ability to inhabit a body and take residence in it. All human beings are mediums because all human beings create a body through human birth, and inhabit it as their vehicle of experience. Without the ability to enter your own body, you could not have a human experience.

Free and Open for All

One of the things I would like to clarify to anyone who may be reading this is that none of these “abilities” are “gifts” in any way. And what I mean with that is that they are not “extraordinary”. They are, as matter of fact, natural expressions of the divine nature of our loving source, our higher spiritual self, and are inherent to all human beings, regardless of the shape or color of their divine vehicle.

One of the most frequent reasons many people do not develop these “abilities” is the widely-held belief that these are “gifts”, and as such, may be out of reach to them. Some people believe you have to be “born” to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the loving creatures of light that we are, these abilities are within all of us. Because we all come from the same source, the All-That-Is, the Supreme Creative Being, we all share in the divine abilities that are inherent to all spiritual beings. As such, we are all “one”.

Where Do You Start?

If you have a desire to open up to your natural abilities you start by celebrating your own nature. Remember yourself as the divine being that you are, and your inherent qualities: you are energy, you are aware, and you are spirit. And with that knowledge, celebrate and recognize yourself.


First Time for Everything

There is a first time for everything.

For me, this is my first time writing a blog.

“How did this come to pass?”, you may ask.

For the last several months I kept “receiving” the advice to “create”. The very first time I picked up on this advice it came in the shape of a suggestion to write a book. It came from a set of Tarot cards. Next, it came as a suggestion to “write”, just “write”. After several more impressions, I finally understood that it was important to do … something… but I was not sure what to do, or what shape it would take. Finally, today I decided to simply share what I have seen. It would be not only a way to express myself, but to encourage others who might be going through similar experiences to take steps together as well.

I think I’m going to have some fun with this.

If you haven’t figured out by the title yet, this blog will be about some of the things I witness on a regular day. Many of these things I see all the time, some of them only a few times, and a few only once. But they are all amazing to me, and truly divine from any perspective. I would also like to share some of the things I’ve learned, and many things I have picked up from various places, people, and books, out there in the world.

Some of the things you may read about here may include: angels, spirit guides, energies, meditation, healing, appreciation and gratitude, fantastic authors, subtle interactions at a psychic level, faeries, mediumship, divine rays of light, interesting people, healing techniques, schools and teachers, animals and trees, and their spirits.

So, armed with your amusement, and a healthy open mind (or, if you can manage it, a temporary suspension of disbelief), you are welcome to join me as I revisit some amusing, amazing, thoughtful, suprising, profound, and often joyful memories and moments.